Éverton Ribeiro não alcança um entendimento com o Flamengo, enquanto o Cruzeiro permanece aguardando.

Flamengo's midfielder Éverton Ribeiro faces an uncertain future as his contract expiration looms. The Cruzeiro faithful eagerly anticipate his potential return, but negotiations with Flamengo have hit a roadblock

Éverton Ribeiro's contract with Flamengo concludes on the 31st, adding suspense to the football community. No agreement has been reached for a possible extension, heightening anticipation.

Recent discussions between Éverton Ribeiro's representatives and Flamengo's board have failed to yield an agreement. The primary point of contention remains the duration of the contract.

Flamengo proposes a one-year contract extension, but Éverton Ribeiro's team advocates for a minimum of two years. The standoff adds complexity to the negotiation process.

Within Flamengo, dissenting opinions emerge regarding Éverton Ribeiro's contract renewal. Some believe the player's cycle with the club has concluded, especially considering his age and recent role as a substitute.

At 34 years old, Éverton Ribeiro's illustrious career includes numerous triumphs with Flamengo. Having won almost everything since 2017, some internally question if the midfielder seeks new challenges.

Although unconfirmed, Cruzeiro expresses interest in Éverton Ribeiro's services. The club has reportedly contacted his agent, expressing a two-year contract offer if he doesn't renew with Flamengo.

As negotiations linger, Éverton Ribeiro's future remains uncertain. The possibility of him ending his career at Cruzeiro, where he is considered an idol, adds an intriguing layer to the saga.

Éverton Ribeiro's potential departure signifies the end of an era for Flamengo. Fans are left contemplating the impact of losing a player who played a pivotal role in the club's success.

Revisiting Éverton Ribeiro's remarkable contributions to Cruzeiro, where he played a pivotal role in winning the Bicampeonato Brasileiro (2013/2014) and the 2014 Campeonato Mineiro.

Éverton Ribeiro's impact, reflected in 108 appearances and 23 goals for Cruzeiro, showcases his enduring influence on the pitch.

As negotiations unfold, football enthusiasts eagerly await Éverton Ribeiro's decision. Will he extend his stay at Flamengo, embrace a new challenge, or return to the beloved Cruzeiro?